What the Customers says

The best Tailor in thailand


We chose Andy the Tailor after visiting a number of other tailors, none as professional and kind as Andy. We got excellent service, lots of information and were provided an experience we surely want to repeat. We got perfect fitting clothes, thanks to many opportunities to test and try them during the process. The shop is easy to find along the road through AoNang road towards Nopparatthara beach and next to the Tourist Police center.Definitely visiting again when in Ao Nang next time, since such quality dresses and suits are impossible to find in the same price range at home.

A Professional Tailor


I have known Andy since 2002 when I first visited him in Thailand. The last couple of years he’s been traveling to the Nordic countries and visited me and taking orders. I have many Norwegian friends who are very happy with his services. Andy has the ability to know what you want before you know it yourself. I would like to give him a wholehearted recommendation.

Love the suits


Andy the Tailor convinced me after the first visit and I chose to make my suit there. After a few fitting appointments my girlfriend chose to make a dress as well, since the service was flawless and very friendly. When we got the perfectly fitting clothes, it almost bothered that we didn’t take more of them. At least now we know where to go next time

The best and so far the nicest tailor in Aonang


Has now known Andy for many years and hired him both in Aonang and by his visit to the Nordic countries. Are you tired of tailors who tries to persuade you to sew up clothes you do not really expect, tailors that gives you a cheap price, but when finished it will cost much more and so on? Then go to ” Andy the Tailor ”  where you get professional help in the peace and quiet, choose fabrics at best quality and get it sewn at a bargain price. No nagging for you to continue shopping when you placed your order. In other words, I can promise that you will enjoy your stay in one of Andy’s two stores. Over the years, we have, among other things sewn up costumes for both adults and adolescents, coats o dresses to Mom in the family, lovely harsh winter jackets from emailed pictures of Sweden and of course a variety of shirts. I can recommend everyone to go and see Andy in Aonang.

Expert Tailor in Thailand


I’ve been back twice already and will continue to visit this excellent tailor, who is extremely knowledgable about fabric and cut. I have two bespoke tropical weight suits which are expertly tailored in high quality fabric and contemporary styling, as well a number of beautiful shirts to match. Andy is charming and friendly, painstaking in his detail and service, and his expertise is impressive. Rest assure, you are in exceptionally good hands.

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