Man measurment form

A flexible measuring tape
A friend who can help with some of the measurement.
Your favourite suit jacket, trouser...

You need your favourite suit jacket, trouser, and shirt – put on your favourite suit jacket, trouser, and shirt. Measure over them and add or subtract if necessary.

Measurement form

Print a copy and record your measurements as you go.

Chest – Measure around body well up under armpits

Stomach – Measure around stomach line at the widest point.

Hips – Measure around hips at the widest point.

Full Shoulder – Measure back from one end of shoulder to another ends.

Sleeves – Measure from the shoulder joint to the length desired.

Front – Measure from one armhole to another  armhole at front.

Back – Measure from one armhole to another armhole at back.

Length – Measure from shoulder seam to the length desired

Waist for Trousers – Measure around waistline,where you normally wear your trousers.

Hips – Measure around the hips at the widest point.

Crotch – Measure from center of your waistline at the front to center of your waistline at the back.The tape measures must go through from the crotch at the front to back.

Thigh – Measure around the thigh at the widest point.Please look the picture carefully.

Cuff – measure width around cuff as shown

Length – Measure from top of your waistline ( where you normally wear the trousers ) to the length you desired.

Slopping Shoulder

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Square shoulder

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Regular shoulder

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Very Erect

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Extremely hollow back

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Extra stout

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